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Video: HOW TO Ribbon Embroidery: Japanese Stitch

Video: HOW TO Ribbon Embroidery: Japanese Stitch

Japanese Stitch (Puntada Japonesa) easy stitch to create beautiful designs!! Try it please and let me know your results in any of the social media above this page.  

My designs of Seasonal Flowers with Ribbon Embroidery

My designs of Seasonal Flowers with Ribbon Embroidery

Please come to see this tour that I have prepared for you to enjoy!… I will bring you through some of my designs. If you like the video please give me a thumb up at the right bottom of the screen. It’s all free, you only […]

How to do the Japanese Ribbon Embroidery Stitch

How to do the Japanese Ribbon Embroidery Stitch


Japanese Ribbon Stitch is used to make various beautiful types of flowers! It’s a super easy stitch that you can add to your projects. This is our second “How To”. Well, hands on work and, let’s start!


  • Fabric: If you are a complete beginner I’d recommend to use Hessian Fabric, or if not only make sure the fibers of your fabric are well open enough.
  • Ribbon in colours of your preference; as well for the width (mine is 2 cm)
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Needle (Chenille or Tapestry needle)

Although the Japanese Stitch is really easy it takes a few hours to finish a project like this. I finished this the same day but when learning please take your time, don’t hurry and sit comfortably.

As you  see I do not normally use Patterns, I am using the points to indicate me where I want my petals. If you prefer to mark a complete pattern, is completely perfect.



For our first stitch, having your ribbon extended, comeback your needle to insert it into the same ribbon  in the length you want your petal, then pull softly. When working with ribbon take in count that we always need to be careful to use the straight necessary to go through the ribbon and fabric and at the same time, softly enough for not damage the ribbon, the fabric, or make a stitch that make wrinkles and spoil the project.



We should have something like this for the first petal.



Use your finger or needle like showed in the first photo below to help the ribbon to be in the right direction or angle and also make like a “little bubble” in the petal… to give it volume.  In photo 2 once again, we comeback to insert into the same ribbon. In case the ribbon twists make sure to keep it in the right position and when necessary fix with your finger so it is like in photo 3.



Once you have more petals your flower is coming out like this



And there you have, the first flower




Repeat the same stitch and embroider as many flowers as you want, I have made three.



For the leaves please do the same stitch again… yes, same stitch for petals and leaves.

f leave


To finish I only added some more little flowers and colour. This is why I said this stitch is super easy, providing beautiful results for your project.




I really hope you try this and comeback for the next HOW TO Ribbon Embroidery… don’t forget to subscribe our Newsletter to make sure we keep you updated, and the first to receive our next tutorial.

Until next time! Enjoy!

Norma xx



First Basic Beginner How to Stitch “Lazy Daisy Stitch”

First Basic Beginner How to Stitch “Lazy Daisy Stitch”

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Hi! Welcome!.. I am Norma, from the great beautiful Mexico, lover of mountains, tasty food, nature, all the creation, music, crafts and arts, my family and more! I grew up seeing different colourful flowers in a vast diversity including even leaves of all sizes some […]

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