First Basic Beginner How to Stitch “Lazy Daisy Stitch”

First Basic Beginner How to Stitch “Lazy Daisy Stitch”

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This is the my First Tutorial of Basic Stitches for Beginners. Lazy Daisy Stitch… You will not believe how EASY it is!! I am happy to share the “How to” as you can see with Lazy Daisy Stitch you can make petals forming the flowers as well as their leaves. This stitch is to start in the world of the Ribbon Embroidery, we will gradually go forward… said this… hands to work and… let’s do this!


  • Fabric; you can use Hessian, Canvas fabric, Linen, also Cotton; in short… make sure the fibers of your fabric are not compact or too closed because otherwise the Ribbons won’t go through it.
  • Needle (Chenille or Tapestry needle)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons: in the colors and width of your choice (in this case I am using 3 mm)
  • Lighter
  • Green Embroidery Thread
  • Pattern or Draft
  • Washable Pen or chalk (optional)


Materiales ypatron (2)

I did a draft of where I wanted my bouquet (picture above); it’s actually only to guide me not a pattern although if in case you don’t  feel very confident or comfortable please then draw a circle to make uniform size of petals, it will help you to decide where you want the flowers and their size, they don’t need to be completely rounded so don’t worry if they aren’t.

Insert your ribbon in the needle, make a small knot in one of the extremes -not too tight-  then use the lighter to “close” or “cancel” the edges of the ribbon before start embroidering –do this carefully for not burn the ribbon-… and start as you see in the picture below. *Remember to let a small circle space in the center as it will be for your flower center. This stitch has the form like a chain, you can make the petals as narrow or wide open as you wish but keep balance in the sizes, only don’t let the ribbon become twisted.

4 Stiches -1 (3)


The first picture below illustrates the complete stitch, now you have your first petal, continue forming your flower, in this case I did five petals in each flower, you can do less or more.

3 stitches 2 (4)


Your bouquet can have as many flowers as you want to make, using the colours of your choice. You can see I let a small space in the center of each flower. I let for you to decide your own colours, number of flowers, even size of ribbon because I think  it will make your own creativity come out naturally, just keep all in balance or harmony.

3 stitches 3 (5)


Once you have your flowers embroidered, we’ll embroider the stems. I am using a green embroidery thread. Obviously you need to change the needle for a smaller or more narrow one. You make the stitch -in line, then comeback bringing out the needle aside the previous stitch to make the second, follow the line you previously drew with the pen, and repeat the same for all the stems.


4 Stiches -4 (6)


Once you have the stems ready, next will be the leaves of your flowers. Use exactly the same stitch Lazy Daisy with green ribbon. As you see this stitch is perfect for the petals and also for the leaves!


2 stitches 7 (7)


We are nearly done, yes that easy!… now don’t forget the center of your flowers, and here comes your creativity again, because you can decide embroider with thread the center rather in yellow or brown, etc or you can add other details. For example I will use a sequin together with a bead in different colours. the second picture show the centers of the flowers done.


2 stitches (8)


Still there is a little detail… if you thought a bow, yes you’re right. Make a small bow in a tone that goes well with the rest of the colours and put it around the stems.

And… voilà!…  your first flowers embroidered with ribbon are ready!… yeehhh!… Congratulations!!

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Comeback next time, as gradually we will move forward for the 3D Ribbon Embroidery. Hope you enjoyed so much doing your flowers as I have absolutely enjoyed doing this Tutorial for you. I’m already looking forward for the next one!!

Norma xx

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