I have been learning and getting into the healthier food world, is amazing! I am just starting and what I know I want to share with you. Of course it also provide us the great opportunity to expand our vision and ideas to make our Menu at home with more variation, colourful, delicious and healthy. Please share with me your healthy ideas too, and recipes if you can, for now I am leaving here some seasonal ideas to take in count. 🎃🍁

It is important to take use of the fruits and vegetables of each season. In Autumn eat the pomegranate, the grape (the black one is very good to prevent and fight cancer) apples all of them natural not cooked, you can make delicious juices, smoothies, which I’d recommend more or also in salads.

Regularly eat cereals to start your day (not those from the supermarket, they are full of sugars) you can have a lovely warm porridge for example, granola (homemade is best)

Occasionally eat cereals like quinoa, wheat cereals, rye, as they can provide a good amount of energy to start your day.  You can eat them with seasonal veggies that are sweet like pumpkin, carrot, or also broccoli, cauliflower.

It has been like a new world to me to discover all the benefits of the green leaves like spinach, besides the charge of iron have more properties.

In autumn is recommendable the slow cook like casseroles 🍲, soups, and vegetable creams.

Did you know the Mushrooms act like cleansing food? try to add them on your dishes.🍄

Start to make more soups, with vegetables, leaves like kale, fish soups, kidney beans.

Wide your Menu at home, with fermented veggies

Because in this season, you might want sometimes to eat something sweet, which is normal because the season, )although personally I am cutting processed sugars), I always prefer homemade and natural and healthier ingredients for my family like, natural jams, and sometimes even myself when I pick here and there, ha.

Make homemade drinks with dry fruit (like a Mexican Ponche) adding some cinnamon sticks, ginger, as they are fantastic for flavour and also anti inflammatory

The veggies that are a little spicy like radish, rocket, spring onion and leek are fantastic in the autumn season and besides they act like energetic and antiseptic, wow!.

As I previously said this are only some ideas. Through out the autumn I will be happy to share with you some delicious recipes that we love!

Let’s enjoy a healthy Autumn! :) 

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