Fashion and Hand Embroidery this 2016

Fashion and Hand Embroidery this 2016

What woman has not loved a dress with a little bit of lace and embroidery details? at least many have.

Embroidery is back in Fashion this year in many of it’s forms or techniques! It’s not only an ethnic, traditional, or old fashioned thing. We know that embroidery is a traditional representation for some cultures that developed this particular skill. There are hugely talented creators who many times don’t even get the recognition anymore for such a work. Some of their works not only involve 1 to 10 flowers in a design; but a complete dress all embroidered totally by hand!!  I really really love when see something like this


and this second dress



We have seen this year 2016 famous names of fashion designers such as Gucci – you can click over for the website. Here is a sample.


Dolce & Gabana (click over the name)

Maybe because I am Mexican, but tell me if not, as I can see a Mexican inspiration, from Frida Kahlo a Mexican Painter, but that is to mention another time. For now is the Embroidery in Fashion 2016.


and Channel presenting in their new Collections the use of embroidery, of course with floral designs.

channel 2016

These are only to mention a few examples. Personally I love, love, love embroidery in clothes, bags, shoes, etc also in items for the house, cushions, table clothes, run tables, towels, and the list go on. Actually I have applied my Ribbon Embroidery in cushions and other different items too.

It brought to my mind the napkins and table clothes that I embroidered completely by hand when in the elementary school, well, between us… of course with the help of my Mum to finish them, every mum was doing the same, ha!. My Mum used to do a gorgeous embroidery and with such skill, that I admired very much at the time always impressed, and even I do more now that I am into embroidery. Oh, and later we could use those items for the house. There are still some surviving from that time, which unfortunately haven’t brought with me yet to England, although sometime I will. If those items could speak… wonderful memories!.

And here I let some of my Embroidery in clothes…

Blusa corazon 5


Blusa corazon 2




Terrazas Designs by Norma R. Terrazas

Blusa roja rosa


Blusa roja rosa 2
Terrazas Designs by Norma R. Terrazas

These are only a couple. Embroidery offers a world of possibilities to make!! Are you agree?

Norma xx


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