Following my heartbeat… make over

Following my heartbeat… make over

Autumn is my favourite season! first because is my birthday! and because I remember the wonderful moons in my hometown in Mexico particularly during the month of October. Of course in the southeast of Mexico you cannot see the clear change of seasons, because is mostly a great weather all year, only yes, January can be tremendously cold that there is snow not too far from my parents house and even my husband, who is British was very surprised about. In October however; I remember normally sunny mornings so lovely! then by the afternoon can be rainy a heavy rain. Once driving in the highway couldn’t see more than 5 meters because the heavy rain with lightings, and then by night literally after the storm gets the calm… you get a lovely evening with a wonderful clear sky full of starts! with the smell of wet compost which I love, Wow!

Now living in England is different, and I love the change of colours in the trees, red, oranges, yellow, golden, golden-brown, is cold although with the beautiful views is fantastic! Also starting the feeling of Christmas is getting closer and closer.



Speaking of change of seasons… a new season is starting for me regarding to my content in my website. You will be seeing gradually how it develops I hope you will enjoy discover the different ideas, tips, etc. The reason that took me to this decision was once thinking; “if I do all these things in my real life of every day, why not share and not only my ribbon embroidery with all the creative people who kindly has followed me”, as you are all creative as well, and many are also mums, educators, housewives, sisters, friends, daughters, etc.

I started a food blog of Mexican Food recently, yes only few months ago, it was “Mexico Lindo Food” yummi! I will be sharing with you all the recipes of the food in this picture, I made them all and yes, we eat them all too! ha.


I really love to cook! so why not merge all this? and minimize make a better use of the time, as having two blogs is not practical really. I want to continue loving and enjoying this journey, it has to be relaxing, fun, where I capture all the collage of things I enjoy doing and making, and life realistically and contentment.

I love cooking for example firstly Mexican Food however lately I have been learning new healthy ways to eat and still enjoy food; no I am not a vegan or vegetarian only have been fascinated exploring new ingredients so much that even I have started to try my own recipes changing ingredients and sometimes inventing putting ingredients together and the surprise is, they work great! it has resulted delicious, my family has enjoyed and that is really my biggest satisfaction when I cook and being a healthy food is the objective for me. 

I have just a couple of months ago started to avoid refined sugars and flours from my food, sugar in particular. Reason? simply because is only now in this stage of my life that I got conscious of the impact of some foods in our health and life. Also to tell the truth I never before thought really on that like now because my metabolism has been so generous and never got any bad gain weight or so, is when now being a Mum realise that I need to help my body to keep healthy not only on good weight so I can do things with my little one much longer. I remember the days when eating bananas with condense milk as a snack at 7 or 8 pm, yes at night! or flour tortillas with cream cheese and jam for a quick breakfast on a Sunday morning before rushing to church, and still could keep a reasonable small waist, oohhh!! lovely days, sweet days, ha! I was not doing any exercise; nothing, only used to walk and living in a lovely beautiful city Cuernavaca, Mor. where I moved for work and has these gorgeous colonial style streets that are mostly ups and downs while having to walk fast to work or literally run sometimes, ha, because of course like there is a phrase in Mexico ” antes muerta que sencilla” “before dead that simple” meaning I loved to get all nice before leaving, you know, very natural though.

Well, the point is that it is so important to follow your heart, I have had this heartbeat of re-starting my blog to communicate with you who are reading, and include different things that I make and create in only one place;  which hopefully can be useful to you too!

The body, the spirit, the emotions and the intellect are a whole, in the development of our lives we have to work in each. That is why this blog  is a fusion.

I invite you to walk this path with me,  and hope you will enjoy it! 🙂





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