My Embroidered Gingerbread House

My Embroidered Gingerbread House


I had really wanted to embroider a Ginger House, finally I did, it has a combination of stitches some with relieve or 3D effect. Maybe because I also love baking; who knows maybe I would also make this or at least similar with real bread… I’d love to because I know my son would love it!!

I remember wanted to do this before so much but thought was too difficult; I tell you is not, or at least it was just now the time to materialize that wish because it came out naturally not too difficult. Although I only was careful to select the stitches for each part, and this could take me a few days, once it was decided then was much easier. You need to be patient though. Here are some closer looks of the beauty


For the bunches of green I did French knots. In case you’re not familiar with it, watch How easy it is

clicking here: French Knot Project: Sunflower


And what do you think of this lovely candy?, and the nice light of the window inviting to

come in, having the fire place warming the house



Here was close to finish this beauty, with the Ginger man welcoming in,

 I added some beads too, do you like the snow?




It has been part of the process to make it, as you can see many little details that make is sospecial, cosy and perfect to decorate any house for Christmas ☃️🎄 that’s why it will decorate my home







I think it makes a very nice present this Christmas, do you? although I am keeping this for home this Christmas, although if you like I can embroider one specially for you! 🙂


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